Hello you

Well, it’s has been a while! I have been away for quite a long time, but I wasn’t really proud of my previous blog and I wanted to give it more depth.

With this new blog I will show you my vision of the world trough pictures, images and photos. And what I want to take you away in my world of visuals and want to give you an in the right part of my brain.

I think visuals can say more than thousand words and so I will not be talking that much.
With this new start I also chosen a new name!

Morning glory

This name reflects, for me, the most beautiful, colourful and loving part of the day.  It’s a new day and a new start.

Like I said I want to show you more visuals, so in my first post I will show you why I love the mornings so much.

Enough said, I just want to give you some inspiration.

So love, believe and enjoy!

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