Back to the Eighties

My dear Followers,

As some of you might already know: I am a enormous 80s fan!

I love everything about that time.
The Music, the People and of course the Fashion. 
I think this period is one of the biggest period of invention and a new way of thinking.

So A week ago My BF and I went to the Mysteryland festival. We where so lucky with the weather, because the days before it looked like the Angels where crying in heaven. But Luckily the sun was shining and it was not to cold. 
And for my outfit I new exactly what I want to wear. The day before I bought a very nice fake leather short and a beautiful white blouse. I felt I was back in the 80s with this combination. 

Short: New Yorker
Blouse: ZARA
Tights: H&M
Boots: Vintage
Accessesoires: Fashionology and random

So I hope you like it .....

Much Love, Evie


  1. Leuk, ik hou van rode schoenen! :D
    En klopt inderdaad, ik was maandag met Joy! Ik heb je helemaal niet gezien joh, was het in de Monki zelf of buiten? Haha anders had ik wel even hoi willen zeggen!

  2. You have such a sweet smile! And love the red lipstick and tights

  3. Zoals je weet vind ik dit een super outfit!!

    Je ziet er weer super uit meis.

  4. Wat zie je er leuk uit! Je blouse is echt super!